Keystone is the largest of our three communities and the location for our business office at 86 Main Street. Keystone has a German heritage. Each year the town celebrates the old German custom of Vogelscheissen or “Bird Shooting” the first Saturday in June. It is also called Children’s Day and is sponsored by the Keystone Turners.

Keystone Communications provides phone, cable TV and internet services to the residents. The surrounding rural area currently receives phone and internet services with Internet Protocol Television (IPT) service on the way. If you are moving to Keystone, Alliant Energy provides the electrical service in town. Their toll free number is 1-800-255-4268. Some of our rural locations are served by the ECI-REC. You can contact them at 1-800-850-4343.

Keystone’s city clerk can be reached at 442-3246 for water, sewer and garbage service. Benton Community Schools provide the education for our children, with an elementary center located in Keystone. St John Lutheran Church is located here, a volunteer fire department, first responders, and an excellent nursing care facility with assisted living apartments attached. We have a large John Deere dealership, an ADM office, and a veterinary clinic. The zipcode for Keystone is 52249 and the phone prefix is 442.


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